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Great effort is taken to identify strong, professional teams of consultants and contractors to work on Bouma projects. Over time, a simple yet effective method has developed to assess and evaluate potential team members. This process includes:

  • An exchange of basic information describing each company’s history, mission, values, size, financial stability, capabilities, and work experience
  • An initial phone interview intended to discuss the project and determine the future course of the relationship
  • Due diligence research of suppliers, local professional organizations and customers
  • A personal interview with representatives of the company at the corporate offices

A successful “partner” will be able to demonstrate a character which is reflected in the following characteristics. It is our goal to qualify consultants and contractors in each category as early as possible so they can be contacted during the planning phase of the project.

  • Excellent reputation in the community and profession
  • Highest standards of integrity and honesty
  • Utilizes a “team-oriented” approach to project management
  • Uses a “proactive” approach to problem resolution
  • Safety is given top priority, reflected in an excellent safety record
  • Understands the concept of “customer value”
  • Can work within the scope of an established customer “prototype”
  • Maintains a skilled and professional workforce with strong project management capabilities
  • Demonstrates effective communication methods in project management
  • Delivers product on time and when promised

If you would like to become a Bouma partner, please fill out our prequalification form by clicking here: BUILDING CONNECTED

We look forward to working with you!

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