Guiding Principles 2018-10-05T18:30:28-04:00

The following principles guide Bouma, and each day they provide the foundation for all of our business practices.

Honor God
in everything we do.

Do The Right Thing
We strive to make decisions that are truthful and fair, while upholding the interest of the entire team.

We are focused on anticipating and exceeding customer expectations in everything we do.

Employee Focused
We care about our fellow employees and provide a work environment based on respect, praise and open communication. We share the company’s success with our team members, their families and the community.

Can Do
We have a positive attitude, along with the skill and passion to accomplish tasks regardless of the challenge.

Safety is a shared responsibility of all team members. Safety is never compromised.

Each employee brings unique talents to the team, and we encourage the use of those abilities to develop new solutions.

We believe in creating a teaming environment which builds strong relationships between employees, customers, fellow contractors, and vendors. Teaming promotes success, cooperation, enthusiasm, fun, and giving.

Performance Excellence
Reaching for a constantly higher standard of quality and productivity is at the heart of what we do.