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Service Offerings

Bouma believes in working collaboratively with our clients to deliver complex construction projects on time and within budget. To achieve our clients’ goals, we are capable of successfully completing projects through a variety of construction project service offerings.



We champion an accelerated construction cycle. Bouma Construction has found that proper planning helps to shorten construction timelines, reduce cost, and improve service. Within 30 days, our pre-construction team can provide clients with a preliminary conceptual assessment that includes, but is not limited to a site plan review, conceptual budget, and solutions to any issues our team may find regarding a project’s constructability.


Design Build

Bouma Construction’s Design + Development teams are comprised of experts with advanced experience in many industry trades. The Design-Build method combines design, construction, quality, cost and schedule into a single point of project responsibility. By balancing these competing elements, our clients’ expectations are met to maximize their investment.


Construction Management

Bouma’s construction managers serve as agents to owners, providing administrative and professional management services from planning and pre-construction throughout construction. Bouma’s team provides an extraordinary level of oversight, expertise and community engagement while supporting our clients’ needs. This allows our clients to have direct access to critical resources throughout the entire project cycle.


General Contracting

Bouma offers the stability of being in business for over 65 years, the reach of a national construction company and the capability of a large organization, all of which provide superior value to our clients. Bouma Construction is well versed in General Contracting project delivery. Our pre-construction team leverages our national network of subcontractors to provide our clients with the lowest responsible bid.


Value Engineering

As part of our dedication to quality and cost savings, Bouma Construction works with each client to compare a range of construction methods and materials to determine the most cost-effective means of obtaining a quality, structural and aesthetically pleasing project. Throughout the value engineering process, the Bouma team focuses on ensuring optimal comfort and lowering operational costs.


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“There are two main reasons we use Bouma, the first is integrity. Few firms have greater integrity than Bouma. Second, they add value in just about everything you can think of. They look at what the final use of the building is going to be and determine how to create an effective environment with the greatest quality feel in a way that’s not only cost effective, but time effective.”

– JC Huizenga, Director, National Heritage Academies, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“It is with confidence that I highly recommend the services of Bouma Construction. Their interactions with us in complex processes were always accurate, truthful and knowledgeable. A can-do attitude and ability to turn around major work under varying conditions was critical to our efforts to build Catholic Schools. ”

– Dr. Darr Guernsey, Headmaster, Ave Maria Grammar and Preparatory School, Ave Maria, Florida


“The [Barix Clinic of Arizona] was unique because of the distance involved. Bouma was still able to accomplish its usual good job, even though they were working with different subcontractors than they typically work with. Bouma is very customer oriented and has very high standards. Despite the distance, we still brought the hospital in under budget and ahead of schedule.”
– Dennis Miller, Corporate Facility Manager Engineer, Forest Health Services (parent company of Barix Clinics)


“Bouma is our contractor of choice. They are a trusted partner that we depend upon for advice and performance from project conception through completion. Bouma has established long-term working relationships with leading companies in West Michigan and throughout the nation.”
– Art O’Strander, Spartan Stores Director of Design & Construction


“They make my job easy. Once we got started, I saw the value in Bouma and everything they brought to the table – not only their knowledge and skills, but their commitment to the customer. They will drop anything to help us out at Herman Miller.”
– Barry Warfield of Herman Miller